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Our goal at Neighborhood Plumbing is to keep the inner workings of your home in top shape.


Have you had a bad impression with any previous plumbers you or your family may have hired? Do you have to call plumbers again and again just to solve similar problems? We are Neighborhood Plumbing, and we provide the best plumbing service possible. Our team is well-trained and each member holds vast experience working throughout the plumbing industry, and can assist you with anything you need! Look no further, contact us to experience the best plumbing service Utah has to offer!

Why should you contact us about your plumbing problems? We have an extensive line of services that covers all household requirements like repairing, repiping, and replacing faulty plumbing materials. You never have to think about your budget because our services come with affordable rates you can rely on. Our services provide a great value for the money you’ll spend, and we guarantee our work will work perfectly, but we know issues arise and we will be ready to contact at a moment’s notice!

We train and impart our knowledge to our plumbers, making them capable of making decisions quickly. They will be able to predict the cause and origin of your plumbing problems within minutes and solve them in no time. We make sure to use advanced technology and techniques to fix your plumbing issues. Stop feeling dissatisfied with your plumbing services and choose our services today! With one short phone call we can be available at any time! Contact us by phone or email, even mail at 3527 S 575 W Riverdale, Utah 84405, today for the best service possible!