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Neighborhood Plumbing is a family run Ogden plumber services company with over twenty years of experience in our field. Our family unit works together daily to complete tasks that make its members lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. Your home’s plumbing system also has components that work together to fulfill a purpose. When one of these components stops doing its job the other parts of the system have to work overtime to compensate. Eventually this overload of work can lead to failure of a plumbing component.

Our professionals work hard to make your home a safe, efficient, and comfortable space to enjoy life. It’s never fun to have a plumbing issue. We understand this and try to make your repairs quick and stress free. Our friendly technicians want to get you back on track enjoying your home in our service areas across the Wasatch Front including Draper, SandySalt Lake City, Bountiful and Layton.

Hire Our Plumbers Ogden Residents Rely On

Plumbing problems are always unforeseen, and can be quite the problem for you and your family. Through all the unexpected plumbing issues in your kitchen and bathroom, you can trust our plumbers in Ogden, Utah! Our experienced team of plumbers will reach your doorstep to solve any plumbing issues you or your family may have. It’s just one phone call away to receive the best plumbing around!

At Neighborhood Plumbing, we are here to solve any plumbing issues you may face. Contact us and we will send in the best plumbers Ogden residents have ever recommended. Our plumbers will go to your house to fix any problems related to re-piping, in-floor heating and just general plumbing maintenance.

We offer the following services:

You should check all the taps and water heaters inside your home if you suspect a plumbing issue. In case you spot damages, please contact our plumbers right away, even if you come across the slightest leak. We prioritize all kinds of plumbing problems, ranging from minor ones to major ones. We are ready to fix any plumbing problems that arise as we treat your family as if they are our own.

When plumbing problems are noticed, they should be handled as soon as possible because the issues can lead to expensive damages to your walls and foundation. Our plumbing services are speedy, smart, and safe. We care about any minor plumbing problems and we want to be the people you call when you run into an issue. Whether you want to tighten the taps or replace your pipes, contact us now for a risk-free quote!



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Call Our Efficient Plumbers For Water Heater Problems

Our plumbers in Ogden Utah believe in professionalism above all else. Sometimes when you try DIY tricks, things may not work properly. Most do it yourself solutions we’ve seen have caused even more issues than they have solved such as damage to inf-loor heating. With our skilled plumbers by your side you can have all your plumbing issues solved. Just pick up your phone and call our North Utah plumber and you’ll understand why we are the best of the best!

Tankless water heaters don’t require a storage tank and they directly heat up the water you’ll use during baths or showers. If you want us to repair or install a tankless water heating system, get in touch with our skilled plumbers today. Improper installation can damage the device causing malfunction and further waste of your hard earned money. When it comes to water heater repair or installation, you should rely only on licensed plumbers. All of our plumbers are licensed and certified to deliver the best results.

Sometimes, you might not even notice your tankless water heater might be facing a plumbing issue. Hidden damages in the pipes and installation process often show signs of the need for immediate maintenance. Recognizing those unseen and “silent” damaging signs is essential to repair your expensive appliances. Don’t worry, just call our Ogden plumber services team! Our professionals can arrive at your home in no time, and perform the best plumbing services you have ever seen!

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We Have Expert Plumbers in Ogden, Utah To Repair In-floor Heating Systems

Repairing an in-floor heating system can be one of the most challenging jobs you could ever face. Are you looking for a proficient plumbing company to repair the water-based in-flooring heating at a reasonable price? Then, your search ends here at Neighborhood Plumbing! All of our plumbers can inspect your in-floor heating system for your home and can spot the damages almost immediately.

A hydronic radiant heating system requires a central boiler to heat water. The water is then pumped throughout the home using water pipes under the floor. You can’t apply DIY tricks to repair issues on an in-floor heating system. We prioritize customer satisfaction and hence provide you with the best service experience ever. You can contact us, and we will reach your place to perform a proper inspection.

Our plumbers will get straight to work providing you with a service that’ll rid you of faulty pipes quickly and efficiently. If you try plumbing yourself without maintaining safety, it may risk your life. We are skilled, licensed and well-experienced to handle such hazards. If these pipes get damaged all of a sudden, the water circulation of the entire house will be obstructed. With this in mind don’t forget that your in-floor heating system impacts the structure of your house. The water pipes ensure regular flow without any interruption, and one small leak can cause massive damage to the structure of your home.

Ignoring a leaking pipe can be problematic. The stored water will damage the flooring system and end up dampening walls. Contact our plumbers as soon as you notice an issue and we will respond with due haste. Our plumbers carry high-end equipment and devices to cure any cracks caused by your plumbing instantly. We can give you a final estimate after inspecting your plumbing issues and finding the right solution for your problems.

Let our Ogden plumbing team save you from all these troubles and free your house of all its plumbing issues. You can trust our professional plumbers as we are skilled, dedicated and affordable. Get in touch with us soon to have the best plumbing service possible!

Contact our plumbers in Ogden, Utah

Contact Our Plumbers Ogden, Utah Residents Recommend

Your pipelines are an integral part of the overall foundation of your home. We are a plumbing company who will provide the best plumbers Ogden locals love. Our team will reach your house as fast as possible and we will fix your plumbing problems with utmost care and dedication. We work with the latest and technologically advanced equipment so that your issues can be resolved in no time.

If you are experiencing plumbing issues, look no further as we are right around the corner! We offer the best service possible at the best rates possible as we believe in treating our customers as though they were our own family. We will send in our team of plumbers that residents have been known to brag about, and in turn they will perform an inspection and give you advice on what to do next! There are a lot of reasons why you should never neglect a water pipe issues, and we have compiled a small list of some we think are worth noting.

Ignoring water pipe damages enables cracks to extend further. Moreover, repairing all the water pipes together can be costly. For this reason, you can call us immediately after detecting a plumbing problem to secure exceptional services at a very reasonable rate.

When the piping system isn’t working, the water bill will increase. Don’t worry because you can rely on our experienced plumbers. After you give us a call, we will reach your place and repair the damages in no time.

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Book Our Plumbers Ogden, Utah Natives Trust

Did you know a lot of your pipelines run through your walls and floor? Just because it is hidden, many residents do not bother to check on a daily basis if the pipes are working fine or whether there are any leakages. Are you confused as to how to detect if your pipelines are working fine? Don’t fret because Neighborhood Plumbing will be at your rescue to catch all of your plumbings unseen issues and solve them. We will send in the best plumbers Ogden has to offer. With their top of the line advanced equipment, your in floor plumbing issues can be solved immediately as our experts work tirelessly to solve any problem!

We want you to look out for certain signs that tell you if your in floor plumbing needs maintenance, so you aren’t left in the dark or blind sided by piping issues. It is easier than ever to have your plumbing problems solved. If you are unable to detect any issues but still feel that you need a closer inspection, call us at Neighborhood Plumbing so that we can extend the help you deserve!

  • Do you notice any cracks on the foundation of your house? If so, this indicates that the pipelines are leaking inside the walls.
  • You notice a hike in your water bills.
  • You will also notice spots appearing on your floor or even on your wooden furniture.
  • Your taps leak even if it is closed tightly.
  • The water meter can fluctuate and give various values.

Contact Us For A Water Softener North Utah Homeowners Can Count On

Did you recently see some weird changes in your water softener? Are you looking for a plumbing company that will offer hassle-free water softener repairing services? You can put your worries aside because Neighborhood Plumbing is here to take good care of your water softener filtration system and other plumbing needs. If you have issues with your water softener Ogden residents rely on, we can be at your service to detect and rectify the problem as fast as possible.

Water softeners are a highly crucial component of the plumbing system. At Neighborhood Plumbing, we understand the consequences that occur when your water softener is faulty. In any such scenario, you should only trust an expert. Our plumbers hold the knowledge and expertise to scrutinize and solve your problems related to water softeners. The good news is, you can detect early signs that will tell you if your water softener needs a replacement. Here are some of them:

  • The detergent you pour in the water will not lather.
  • The texture of your clothes start to change.
  • Your dishes have suspicious spots on them.
  • You suddenly experience hair fall or your hair becomes rough.
  • A white layer starts to appear on the surface of your shower and taps in the bathroom.

If you notice any of these signs or all of them, contact us immediately without wasting any time. We will send in the best quality plumbers to install a water softener homeowners require. Trust in us and see why so many people recommend us today!


143 reviews on
Martin Brown
Martin Brown
April 28, 2023.
Was on time kind and easy on the wallet would 100% call these guys or recommend to a friend!!!!
April 27, 2023.
Easy to talk to, yet professional. Completed work in timely manner. Cleaned up mess after finishing.
Lonna Jeppesen
Lonna Jeppesen
April 26, 2023.
boiler furnace new great job looks good he is my new service man now jack
April 4, 2023.
I was so grateful to have found neighborhood plumbing. I needed a new home boiler. Chad came and gave me a bid several thousand dollars below all of the others. And he was straightforward with me. He didn’t try to add anything fancy that I didn’t need and was able to get the new boiler shipped to my house in a very reasonable amount of time. He got it installed immediately and even came back over after a few days to check on some small leaks that needed to be tightened up on one of the feeder pipes. Chad was great to work With.
Daniel Robbins C6 ZR-1
Daniel Robbins C6 ZR-1
April 1, 2023.
Had a Tankless water heater put in. Great job.
John Berkholder
John Berkholder
March 29, 2023.
Hired them to install water and sewer lines for a kitchen sink as well as repair the pressure valve. They were prompt, attentive, professional and did a great job. Highly recommended!
Trista Delzer
Trista Delzer
March 24, 2023.
Great work. Our service technician was so fast getting our bathtub and surround out. We ran into some unexpected findings while replacing the bathtub and they were great to come back in after other various repairs to the house. Definitely would recommend and will use again.

The Kind of Water Heater Repair Ogden Locals Love

Does your water heater require maintenance? Are you tirelessly looking for a quality plumbing company for water heater issues? Look no further because Neighborhood Plumbing is ready to provide you with a solution to any plumbing problems you may face. We provide a fantastic range of water heater repair Ogden residents appreciate. After years of experience, we can handle hazardous repair work in the right way.

At Neighborhood Plumbing, we provide Ogden water heater repair services at affordable rates. We have gained a lot of trust from our Utah family because we believe in quality over quantity. We will first talk to you about any water heater issues you may be facing, and when we will arrive at your house in a matter of minutes to perform an inspection, you’ll see why so many people recommend us. Consider us for your next Northern Utah water heater repair project!