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Our goal at Neighborhood Plumbing is to keep the inner workings of your Salt Lake City home plumbing in top shape.

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Plumbing problems are not just limited to your bathroom. Plumbing problems can arise in your kitchen, inside the pipelines present in your walls and floor, and your in-floor water system as well. What if we tell you that you can find the solutions to all of your plumbing issues under one roof? At Neighborhood Plumbing, we cover all types of plumbing issues. It does not matter where the origin of the plumbing is, or how deep it is, we will find it and solve it! A Salt Lake City plumber from our team at Neighborhood Plumbing is capable of resolving any type of plumbing issue that you might have.

With other companies it can be frustrating having hashed out the process, and being given an astronomical quote! This notion that your plumbing has to be outrageously expensive dies with us! At Neighborhood Plumbing, we understand the importance of a professional plumber to solve a plumbing issue. Thus, we are known to offer the most affordable plumbing service in all of Salt Lake City. Take a glance through the types of plumbing issues that a Salt Lake City plumber from Neighborhood Plumbing can resolve:


  • Water heaters
  • Water softeners
  • Inner pipelines
  • Boiler & in floor heating
  • Sewer line repair & replacement.

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Is your water heater not functioning correctly? Are you looking for a plumbing company that offers water heaters Salt Lake City families can count on? Look no further because you have encountered Neighborhood Plumbing, the one-stop solution to all of your plumbing problems! We have selected the finest plumbers for your water heater repair Salt Lake City residents can rely on, and we have trained them to tackle all kinds of water heater issues.

We are known to provide an affordable plumbing service to all our customers. So if you notice any subtle signs that tell you that your water heater is dysfunctioning, call us and tell us about your situation. We will send expert plumbers to fix the water heaters Salt Lake City residents have been given, and they won’t stop until they have left you satisfied!

Did you know you can actually detect and tell if your water heater is functioning correctly or not? Here’s how:


  • The water is not warm enough: The most common and premature sign tells you something is wrong with the water heater.
  • The running water might be too hot at one moment and too cold at another.
  • Is water leaking from any pipes of your water heater? This is a huge red flag, and you should take immediate action by calling us right away.
  • You might also notice that the water is running at a slower pace from the taps comparatively.
  • If your water heater is producing any kind of sound, be it a faint hiss or loud noise, do not wait for any further damage and contact us right away. We will send in the best plumbers who will repair your water heater immediately.

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Was on time kind and easy on the wallet would 100% call these guys or recommend to a friend!!!!

Martin B.

Hired them to install water and sewer lines for a kitchen sink as well as repair the pressure valve. They were prompt, attentive, professional and did a great job. Highly recommended!

John B.

Great work. Our service technician was so fast getting our bathtub and surround out. We ran into some unexpected findings while replacing the bathtub and they were great to come back in after other various repairs to the house. Definitely would recommend and will use again.

Trista D.

Easy to talk to, yet professional. Completed work in timely manner. Cleaned up mess after finishing.


Boiler furnace new great job looks good he is my new service man now jack

Lonna J.