About Us

Our goal at Neighborhood Plumbing is to keep the inner workings of your home in top shape.

Neighborhood Plumbing owner and operator, Chad Dunn began his plumbing career at the age of 16. Starting with a high school course than apprenticeship through Applied Technology Center. Plumbing was a great fit for him as he always enjoyed working with his hands and problem solving. Continuing education and on the job training he acquired Journeyman plumbing license with the goal to eventually open his own business.

After years of working in new construction he decided to move into the service industry. The service industry was much more challenging and interesting getting to meet and interact with new customers every day. He found the experience of meeting new people and working on a vast variety of projects very enjoyable and was soon sought after by several large service companies.

He quickly moved into management organizing larger projects and different crews through their daily operations. He was lucky to have good employers that sent him around the US for a variety of different training opportunities. Continuing on with his schooling he obtained a masters plumbing license.  After assisting to grow several plumbing departments at different firms following their design, he decided he would take what he learned and forge out on his own.

With the opportunity to create what he wanted through his vision of customer service, respect and quality he decided to form Neighborhood Plumbing. Our goal is to make new relationships with customers while improving the efficiency and quality of their plumbing systems. Customers often turn to us to solve issues that are very out of the box. Having numerous successes with the out-of-the-box solutions we have learned to take things on one part at a time until we solve the problem. Our vision is to maintain a medium-sized, family-oriented company, where we keep our employees happy and in turn giving our customers great service.

Our Goal

Our goal as a family and a contractor is to help you maintain your homes plumbing system. We look at the whole system when you have a problem to ensure the cause of the issue is fixed. We want to provide a permanent solution rather than putting a band aid on a bigger issue. Your satisfaction is our top priority! We know there is a solution to every problem, and we pride ourselves in solving even the toughest challenges that other professionals cannot figure out.


Integrity is the top priority for our company. We will never suggest a repair that isn’t in your best interest. Part of our job is to help you understand the inner workings of your plumbing system, the different solutions suggested, and what best suits your needs. Neighborhood Plumbing wants you to be comfortable and confident with your decision. We believe the first step is understanding what’s going to take place during the repair process.

Was on time kind and easy on the wallet would 100% call these guys or recommend to a friend!!!!

Martin B.

Hired them to install water and sewer lines for a kitchen sink as well as repair the pressure valve. They were prompt, attentive, professional and did a great job. Highly recommended!

John B.

Great work. Our service technician was so fast getting our bathtub and surround out. We ran into some unexpected findings while replacing the bathtub and they were great to come back in after other various repairs to the house. Definitely would recommend and will use again.

Trista D.

Easy to talk to, yet professional. Completed work in timely manner. Cleaned up mess after finishing.


Boiler furnace new great job looks good he is my new service man now jack

Lonna J.